• Brand: RD Design Jewellery
  • Cat No: RD65
Price: 38,00 лв.
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Handmade jewel. Natural stones : citrine.

In ancient times citrine was worn as a protection
from snake poison and evil thoughts. It is known as the stone of luck,because it encourages success
and plenty,specially in business and trade. It is one the few stones which disperses negative energy
and does not need cleaning and recharging. It radiates warm energy which encourages
optimism,attracts plenty. It is known as the stone of tradesman.You may put it for instance close to
your cash register and this will not only increase your turnover,but wll keep it at higher levels. It
strengthens healing energy of the body and opens man’s consciousness to intuition. It helps you to
adapt to the changes in your life, bringing to you confidence and security.